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  • Cats
    Cats Cats hide their illness well. Noticing subtle changes in normal routines, behavior, appetite, or weight may be a sign that something is not quite right with your kitty. A preventative Read more
  • Purebred Vs. Mixed Breeds
    Purebred Vs. Mixed Breeds The discussion of superiority and which is a better companion between owners of purebred and mixed-breed dogs is nothing new, and both sides have a compelling argument Read more
  • New types of Multi-modal Therapy
    We are so fortunate to live in an age of advanced medicine and surgery in both human and veterinary medicine. We are all too young to remember the days before Read more
  • How To Prevent Parasites In Pets
    You’ve been hearing about fleas and ticks for years, but there are additional parasites that you can’t see and probably haven’t heard of that are just as prevalent. An ounce Read more
  • Geriatric Care For Our Beloved Pets
    In recent history the life expectancy of our pets has increased greatly. This is primarily due to improved veterinary care and quality of diet. One sequelae to living longer is Read more
  • Feeding a Well Balanced Diet
    There are many choices for pet foods today and the number of options can be overwhelming. Some of these foods are well-balanced but some are not, and can even cause Read more
  • Puppy Season is coming!
    Puppy season is coming.  Establishing good and healthy habits in those first few sleep-deprived weeks with a new puppy will lay the foundation for years of happiness ahead. Here’s a Read more
  • Obesity In Our Pets
    Ways to Combat Pet Obesity in the New Year There is no better time than now to tackle your pet’s growing waistline. We all love our pets so much that it Read more
  • Avoiding Holiday Dangers For Pets
    The holidays are a wonderful time of year, but can also be some of the most dangerous times for our pets. From rich holiday foods, to haphazard shiny decorations, our Read more


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