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Odd dog behavior- Explained

Odd Dog Behaviors - Explained

We love our dogs for many reasons. They are always happy to greet us when we get home, love to snuggle with us when we’re sick, and are a constant source of entertainment when they do something silly. Here are some odd dog behaviors that are quite entertaining, and some explanation of what drives them.

  1. Kicks Grass After Pooping

Your dog isn’t intentionally destroying your lawn when he kicks the grass after pooping; he’s probably just trying to cover up his mess, or marking his territory. Dogs have glands in their feet that secrete hormones, and a few kicks can help release those chemicals.

  1. Leans on You

Leaning is a sign of affection for many dogs. It’s a way for your pup to cuddle and get attention from his favorite human. So next time your pup leans on your legs, smile and show him some love.

  1. Shreds Paper

Has your dog actually eaten your homework? The reason all your favorite paperbacks are ruined is simple: Shredding paper can be fun. Some dogs just enjoy the feeling of tearing something up with their mouths. After all, in the wild dogs tear up their prey. This behavior can actually be dangerous, causing digestive issues such as an intestinal blockage. So keep paper products out of your dog’s reach and redirect the behavior by giving him a toy to chew on, like a stuffed Kong or food puzzle.

  1. Twitches in His Sleep

Your dog is sound asleep, but he starts moving his legs and perhaps barks a little bit. Is he chasing something in his dreams? Just like humans, dogs dream and go through different stages of sleep. Dogs dream during the REM (rapid eye movement) stage and act on their dreams by moving their paws or twitching as if they were chasing a squirrel.

  1. Buries Bones and Other Objects

Dogs are like pirates- they like to bury and find their treasure. In the wild, a wolf may not know when his next substantial meal is coming, so he’ll bury the prey or prized food item and dig it up later when he needs to eat. Similarly, your dog may place high value on a treat or toy, and decide that he needs to hide it so he can enjoy it later.


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