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  • Leptospirosis in Dogs
    Many dogs in our area love swimming at the Carmel Valley River, the beach and the lagoon, but a dangerous disease lurks in these areas – one that can sicken Read more
  • Multi modal Therapies for Pets
    We are so fortunate to live in an age of advanced medicine and surgery in both human and veterinary medicine. We are all too young to remember the days before Read more
  • October is Cat Month!
    Have you ever wondered why your cat behaves a certain way and if there is a reason for the behavior? Is it even normal behavior? How do you know when Read more
  • Why Deworming your Pets is More Than Just a Good Idea!
    Why deworming your pets is more than just a good idea! Intestinal parasites are common in cats and dogs with several of the most common parasites able to infect humans too. Read more
  • To Brush.. or Not to Brush
    To Brush or Not To Brush It’s that time of year again at your veterinarian’s office where the smell of your pet’s breath is the number one topic. Does your pet Read more
  • Six Tips for Keeping your Dogs Cool in the Summer Heat
    Six Tips for Keeping your Dogs Cool in the Summer Heat During these long hot days of summer it can be difficult to stay cool — especially when you’re wearing a Read more
  • Let's Talk Ticks!
    Warmer weather means more time outside on our beautiful Central Coast. Whether hitting the trails, socializing at the dog park or just relaxing in the backyard with our furry friends, Read more
  • Keeping Older Pets Healthy and Happy
    In recent history the life expectancy of our pets has increased greatly. This is primarily due to improved veterinary care and quality of diet. One sequelae to living longer is Read more
  • Quality of Life: How to keep your dog healthy and happy
    Wouldn’t it be great if our dogs could live as long as we do? We can’t make that happen, but we can make their lives happy, healthy, and pain-free for Read more
  • New Allergy Treatment
    Many pets suffer from allergies this time of year. They can be allergic to fleas, food ingredients like chicken or beef, or their indoor and outdoor environment (this is called Read more
  • Pet First Aid
    Pet First Aid Basics Every Owner Should Know Would you know what to do if your cat started having a seizure or your dog got hit by a car? Just the Read more
  • Odd dog behavior- Explained
    Odd Dog Behaviors - Explained We love our dogs for many reasons. They are always happy to greet us when we get home, love to snuggle with us when we’re sick, Read more
  • Staying Safe and Warm
    It’s been a cold and wet winter this year, and we may still have a few more months of it. Follow these tips to make sure your four legged friends Read more
  • Thinking Outside the (Litter) Box
    Whether your cat regularly urinates or defecates outside the litter box, or it only happens once in a blue moon, your feline friend may be trying to tell you something Read more
  • Halloween can be Spooky for Pets
    Halloween can be Spooky for Pets Many people like to have fun during the Halloween festivities, but our pets can truly be frightened by all of the noises and costumes. Read more
  • Can I Give My Dog Bones?
    Can I Give My Dog Bones? Did you hear the one about the dog who swallowed 13 chicken hot wings? When she was X-rayed at the emergency clinic, her belly was Read more


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